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2010 Padres Expectations 

Heading into the 2010 season the Padres have youth, determination and expectations.  After allowing future Hall of Fame pitcher Trevor Hoffman to walk away and sign with the Brewers then during the season trading away arguably the best starting pitcher in Padres history in Jake Peavy in 2009, this Padres team also faces similar concerns. 

As expected starting 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff was traded in the off season, which re-opens the door for Scott Hairston (acquired in the trade) as well as the “savior” Chase Headley.  The on again off again trade talks that have surrounded Adrian Gonzalez since the trading deadline on July 31st, 2009 are on once again and in full swing.  Similar to last season this team will be news worthy winning or not because of the trade scenarios that will involve players such as Heath Bell, Jon Garland, Chris Young, David Eckstein and Jerry Hairston.   With that said I think we should talk about expectations for 2010, with the help of my colleagues at Fantasy Daddy I have pounded out my expectations for the Padres Position Players