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2012 Tucson Padres Roster 

Tucson PadresWith baseball about to kickoff at the major league and minor league levels we have the most up to date roster information for you. The roster is still subject to change, but here is a look at the roster for the 2012 Tucson Padres
Note: It appears Brad Brach may be heading back to San Diego.  Stay tuned for updated information.

Tucson Padres

Boxberger, Brad
Brach, Brad
Burns, Cory
Greer, Josh
Hinshaw, Alex (L)
Hynes, Colt (L)
Kelly, Casey
Kunz, Eddie
Palmer, Matt
Reyes, Jorge
Spence, Josh (L)
Thayer, Dale
Wieland, Joe

Davis, Brad
Grandal, Yasmani

Belnome, Vince (2B)
Clark, Matt (1B)
Contreras, Anthony (2B)
Darnell, James (3B)
Weems, Beemer (SS)
Zazueta, Amadeo (SS)

Carroll, Sawyer (OF)
Robertson, Daniel (OF)
Tekotte, Blake (CF)