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2013 Friarhood Events 

Join the Congregation

Join the Congregation

The time has come to roll out our 2013 Friarhood Event schedule.  Below you will find a preliminary list of Friarhood games.  If you haven’t joined us at a game, the goal is simple.  To sit around other Padres fans and have a good time.  No one likes being the only Padres fan or sitting around a bunch of the other teams fans.  Not only do you get to hang with some cool Padres fans, but you get a great deal on tickets.  Our events are 40% off face value and the seats in section 122 are fantastic!  Be aware that the amount of tickets we get is limited, so once our code is active don’t delay.

A few things you should know:


These are only our events at Padres games.  We will add viewing parties and potentially a road trip this year.

Date Day Opp. Time Event
9-Apr Tues Dodgers 3:40 Opening Day
13-Apr Sat Rockies 5:40 Headley Bobblehead
26-Apr Fri Giants 7:10 Fireworks
3-May Fri Dbacks 7:10 Beerfest
4-May Sat DBacks 5:40 Beach towel Night
18-May Sat Nats 5:40 T-Shirt
1-Jun Sat Blue Jays 7:10 Padres Replica Jersey
11-Jun Tues Braves 7:10
14-Jun Fri DBacks 7:10 Retro Night
22-Jun Sat Dodgers 4:15 Rally Towel
26-Jun Wed Phillies 7:10
12-Jul Fri Giants 7:10 Retro/Fireworks
3-Aug Sat Yankees 5:40
6-Aug Tues Orioles 7:10
16-Aug Fri Mets 5:40 Wine Festival
24-Aug Sat Cubs 5:40 Padres Ballcap
6-Sep Fri Rockies 5:40 Beerfest
21-Sep Sat Dodgers 5:40
26-Sep Thurs DBacks 3:40 T-Shirt



About the author: Steve Adler

Steve is the founder of the Friarhood