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2013 Friarhood Fantasy Baseball Leagues 

Yahoo FBFriarhood Fantasy Baseball Leagues are back!  Last year we had a great response to our fantasy baseball leagues, so this year we are rolling them out early.

Similar to 2012, we will host free leagues and competitive leagues.  The difference is simple.

  • Free league: Is a league you join for fun.  No money, no prizes.
  • Competitive league: $2 entry fee and the winner receives a Friarhood shirt.


Description – Rotisserie 5 X 5 league (R, HR, RBI, SB, .AVG, W, K, SVs, WHIP, ERA), change lineups daily with max games and IP

Leagues:  Click here to enter

Competitive Leagues – $2 entry, send via paypal to steveadler (at) friarhood (dot) com

Friarhood West: League ID: 40801 pw: will be emailed. Draft: 3/15 6:30p

Friarhood South: League ID: 135022 pw: will be emailed.  Draft 3/28 6:30p

Friarhood East: League ID: 135029  pw: will be emailed.  Draft 3/31 5p

Free Leagues – Please do not enter more than one free league.  If you do, you will be disqualified from any prizes offered.

Twitter League (For tweeps) – League ID: 40823 pw: tweet  Draft: 3/14 7p

Facebook League – League ID: 40878 pw: face  Draft: 3/19 6p

Home Run League – League ID: 40909 pw: headley  Draft: 3/20 7pm

2) Once those leagues fill up, it’s time to create a new Friarhood fantasy leagues. If you want to be commissioner, click here to create a new league.

3) Email me — steveadler (at) fantasydaddy (dot) com — and let me know the league details (name and password). I’ll then update the post accordingly.

We’ll keep doing this until there is no longer any interest.


Sign up using the links above. If you have any questions, email, tweet, or facebook message me.







About the author: Steve Adler

Steve is the founder of the Friarhood