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Announcer critics detract from padres winning ways 

Dick Enberg

I understand that Dick Enberg may rub some Padres fans the wrong way, or may just not be the preference of the new age trendy style play-by-play hype men that were popularized by ESPN. Enberg is a true professional and in my opinion, these mini-diatribes (aimed towards BOTH Dick Enberg and Mark Grant) from bloggers and on twitter, from the casual and die hard fans alike, have sunk to a new low.

Recently, Jay Posner asked Mr. Enberg about the criticism that he’s been receiving on the web and throughout the blogging-sphere. The criticism primarily being that Enberg gets too excited for the opposing team. Whether it be when the opposing team comes up to the plate and he talks about their talented ballplayers, or to his homerun call, “Touch ‘Em All” or his at times monotonous “Oh my!”

“Hmmm,” Enberg said, “I find that a real compliment.”

“I’m complimented that somebody feels that way,” he said. “If you got 100 of those to one the other way, then I’m doing something wrong. But you have to balance it.”

Maybe he is saying that he is not going to let that criticism bother him because he does not fancy being a homer, and the criticism is a compliment because that is exactly what he does not want to be.

Enberg, before the season, stated that he would not be a “Homer” announcer; that he would work on his craft and do his due diligence and call the game fairly and how he saw it. Now, Dick Enberg fumbles some calls, some players names, and has delayed calls on homerun shots that make it a bit awkward and hard to get excited as a fan, when the announcer doesn’t know what’s happening. Having said that, he is obviously rusty. Enberg has not broadcasted this game (that at times is very fast paced) for a few decades. One of the other things that is vastly different is the internet age. The way that people now can communicate is unreal. The unbelievable use of Twitter and Blackberry, along with the blogging-sphere, really allows things to drop publicly so quickly and in so many ways it is fantastic for people to be connected. What it also does has allowed the critics/fans their own play-by-play or platform to critically dissect every gaff, every miscue, critiquing every bit of their dialog or call ad nauseam.