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Aussie Ball 

As we shake off our wintry slumbers here in the States and look forward to warmer climes, our focus is on the start of the new baseball season. However, for the folks down in Australia, baseball season is winding down and colder temperatures are on the verge of settling in.

In fact, the Australian Baseball League (ABL) Championship Series is headed to its third and final game, as yesterday the Melbourne Aces defeated the Perth Heat in 13 innings by a final of 3-2. Brad Harman, who last played at AA Reading (Phillies) in 2009 drove in the go-head run on his second single of the night. As everyone knows, when a series reaches its final game, anything is possible. The game will be televised today on MLB Network at 9am PST.

Baseball in Australia? Really? At You bet.

Australian baseball can trace its roots as far back as the 1850



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