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Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day 

     The Friarhood is a proud member of the BBA and in honor of BBA Day, I wanted to give the site a shout out.  We became a member through the recommendation of Mike from last spring.  The BBA now has over 300 baseball related blogs from one man rants to full blown team communities.  The passion displayed is a credit to the sport we all love.

     My mission when starting Friarhood was simple, I wanted to enhance the fan experience.  I know as a Padres fan at times you may feel as though you are all alone.  We have had our share of terrible owners and lost many fan favorites, but at the end of the day we love our team.  It is because of that passion that I started the Friarhood and strive to make it one of the top sports communities on the net. 

     We now have an amazing staff to cover the Padres from the minors to the majors, as well the Friarhood Radio Show, series recaps, player profiles, opinion pieces, fan forums, and a sabermetrics wing.  Our Friarhood meet ups at games and viewing parties are highly successful and we have now started the Local Friarhood Chapters to include out of town Padres fans.