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Byrnes with a Plan at Third Base 

Jedd Gyorko

Jedd Gyorko

With Chase Headley out, the Padres are exploring internal option options.  Josh Byrnes during an interview on Mighty 1090 stated that he has discussed with Bud Black the plan that would include”

vs. RHP

  • Gyorko at 3rd
  • Amarista at 2nd

vs. LHP

This in lieu of Logan Forsythe being out with a foot injury.  Jedd Gyorko a Padres top prospect has only hit .283 this springs and is not hitting the cover off the ball right now.  Yet, it seems the Padres agenda is to promote him anyway.  MLBTR explains that Padres would lose a year of team control is they promote Gyorko before late April and he would be Super 2 eligible is promoted before mid-June.  If he opens the season with the big league club, it would appear as though the Padres FO values having Gyorko on the roster for one month in 2012 more valuable than an entire season in 2019.

Side note: James Darnell, also a third baseman is still recovering from an oblique injury.



About the author: Steve Adler

Steve is the founder of A native San Diegan, he grew up watching Dan Fouts and Tony Gwynn. A former sports talk show host, but always a fan of the Padres and Chargers.

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  • Seems to me the front office values competing this year above all else. I see that as a positive.

    • You are an optomist. With that said, how do you explain the rotation?

    • Jeff Dooley

      This may imply that Josh Byrnes has a sooner event horizon than 2019. That is to say that, if the 2013 Padres exceed expectations, Byrnes may try to parlay his success into an open GM job at another ball club, leaving the future problem for somebody else to deal with.

  • CNHpadrefan

    Where is Jesus Guzman – 2011, he hit well over 300 and play some 3rd base.

    • I did mention Guzman in a previous article. I think his 2012 erased any memory of his 2011.

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  • Eric

    So what if Gyorko hit only 283 in spring training? If he hit 350, people would say that spring training doesn’t matter anyway. Let Amarista and Ransom play, or even Guzman. Ransom is not the answer, as many teams have already found out. And it’s a shame that Forsythe and Darnell are usually hurt. And hwy sign Quentin t a long-term contract when he is always hurt.