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2011 Season

Carlos Quentin: Short-Term Solution for LF (That

I had a trade-analysis article done. It was finishedFull Article

Josh Byrnes Interview – Talks Latos Trade, Anthony Rizzo’s Future, and More

Josh Byrnes joined Josh and Charod ofFull Article

Latos Trade: Never-Ending Cycle of Rebuilding or Building Blocks of Future Success?

What do I think of the Mat Latos trade? Well, since neither the Padres, nor the Reds asked my opinion, it really doesnFull Article

Is Gordan Beckham a Good Fit for the Padres?

As I was going throw the old achives of, I noticed a story I wrote before the 2010 season about the White Sox using Gordan Beckham as the ...Full Article

How Do We Know Lefties Can’t Hit in Petco?

I’ve been hearing plenty of “experts” say that Petco doesn’t play well for left-handed power hitting pull hitters.Full Article

I’m Not of Fan of the Mat Latos Trade… Not Yet Anyway

IFull Article
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