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Memo to New Padres Ownership: Things to do List

New Owners are coming and I’m hoping they don’t think they know everything about baseball in San Diego when they arrive.  With that said, I put together a list of things I would like them to at least consider.  Starting with… 1.       Remove the #6 from the batters eye.     One of the greatestFull Article

Rosters for the 83rd All Star Game Announced

We are nine days away from the Summer Classic in Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City and baseball fans have spoken to the tune of a record breaking 391.2 million ...Full Article

2012 All-Star Representative: I Nominate Chase Headley

Last year I argued Chase Headley should have been an All-Star, instead Scott Rolen and his .241 average got the nod. Rolen benefited from plenty of injuries at the ...Full Article

New Owner Should Focus on Winning Padres Fans Back

With the sale of the Padres coming soon, it has forced me to think about how the new owner will be received.  Padres fans have had their share of ...Full Article

2012 Padres Organizational Depth: Starting Pitchers

The starting rotation for the 2012 San Diego Padres lacks a true Ace (having traded Mat Latos in the offseason) and is considered by many experts to have five ...Full Article

Petco Park Led to Internal Scuffle

In a recent article on about altering ballparks around baseball, Tim Keown reported that a scuffle broke last season out after comments made by Mike Adams.  Reliever Mike ...Full Article