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Friarhood Radio FanFest Recap – Garfinkel, Black and more.

Friarhood Radio was on location today during Padres FanFest.Full Article

Friarhood Radio Live from the Tilted Kilt During Fanfest

The best Padres radio show in San Diego (in our biased opinion), Friarhood Radio on XTRA Sports 1360 will be live this Saturday (10-1) at the Tilted Kilt downtown ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio – Latos Trade, Padres Offense, and the Luxury of a Closer

Friarhood Radio is back and with some muscle. Steve Adler and Judson Richards sat down at the XTRA Sports 1360 studios to knock out a FHR episode on the ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio – Padres Staying Busy this Offseason

Friarhood Radio is back and with some muscle.Full Article

Friarhood Radio Recap

For those that missed the Friarhood Radio season finale this weekend on XTRA Sports 1360.  The hour was packed with guests including San Diego Padres President/COO Tom Garfinkel, the ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio Finale, Send Your Questions for Tom Garfinkel

This Saturday will mark the end of a very exciting journey.  I have been proud to be the host of Friarhood Radio on XTRA Sports 1360 during the course ...Full Article