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Friarhood Radio 7.15.10

This week on Friarhood Radio Steve was joined by Allen from to discuss potiential deals the Padres could make in the next two weeks. Matt Antonelli jumped in (33:25) to talk about rehab, the San Diego Zoo and getting into live games soon.  Check out Matt’s Blog Steve chimes in about the Padres pitchers […]Full Article

Friarhood Radio 7.8.10

This week on Friarhood Radio Steve was joined by Dan Hayes (@NCTPadres) Padres writer for the North County Times.  Dan gave his thoughts on the Padres first half, injuries ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio 6.24.10

Friarhood Radio this week had guest Gina Mizell (@ginamizell) associate reporter for the Padres.  She gave us an update on Chris Young, Padres roster moves and what is ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio 6.3.10

Friarhood Radio Returns!  Joined by special guest Mark Grant we break down the first 53 games of the Padres season. Mark gives us his insight on the Padres and ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio 4.29.10

This week Steve is joined by Jeff Dotseth from XTRA Sports AM 1360’s show “The Drive” to talk about the Padres start and how Jeff feels ownership needs to ...Full Article

Friarhood Radio 4.22.10

On Friarhood Radio this week we were joined by special guest Dan McLellan, sports writer for Dan talked about the Padres start, surprises and what to expect. Steve ...Full Article