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Remember Kyle Blanks?

Numbers don’t lie. Sometimes they mislead or they can be misunderstood by those trying to analyze them. In the case of 1B Brad Hawpe, the numbers tell an ugly truth through 30 or so games this year.Full Article

Early Season Impressions

The 2011 MLB season is just a few weeks old; too early to make any definitive conclusions on anything but not too early to come away with some general ...Full Article

What Could Have Been: The Sean Burroughs Story

A few weeks ago I looked at the case of Tim Stauffer, a former Padres first round draft choice that until last year looked like a busted pick. Within ...Full Article

Can Cantu be a key to 2011 season?

The 2011 San Diego Padres represent the second roster assembled by Jed Hoyer and his staff. One thing is pretty clear about Hoyer’s philosophy about roster construction; he understands ...Full Article

Tim Stauffer: A Case Study in Organizational Patience

Anyone who has followed baseball, even in a passing fashion, for any time at all knows scouting, drafting and player development are practices rather than science. History is littered ...Full Article

Friars All-Time Team: Bench

IFull Article