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Friars All-Time Team: RP Edition

Happy Super Bowl Day everyone!!! IFull Article

Friars All-Time Team: SP Edition

With all 8 position players named, itFull Article

Friars All-Time Team: OF Edition

Just when I thought this was going to get easy it got hard. Today is OF day for my Padres All Time team and with 2 guys wearing Padres ...Full Article

Friars All-Time Team: Catcher and 3B

Welcome to the 3rd edition of my Friars all-time team. Today we round out our starting infield after selecting; 1B Adrian Gonzalez, 2B Mark Loretta and SS Ozzie Smith ...Full Article

Friar’s All-Time Team: 2B and SS

Last week I revealed Adrian Gonzalez as the 1B of my All-Time Friars team. Today we move 90 feet and look at the middle IF candidates for my squad. ...Full Article

All-TIme Friars: 1B Edition

But first I have to cover the criteria I used when making my selections. I didnFull Article