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Glen Miller

June Gloom

Now that I’m not in school anymore and I am a regular working guy, June doesn’t hold the same appeal for me. When I was younger June represented the end of another school year and the beginning of a baseball-filled summer. Now I am an adult and don’t get 12 weeks off in the summer […]Full Article

Thoughts on the Padres draft

Once the annual MLB amateur draft is completed you can expect every team to speak glowingly of the crop of players they chose that year. If each clubFull Article

Who’s the Padres All-Star?

Each club is supposed to be represented in the All-Star game and sometimes that can result in some dicey decisions having to be made. That likely will be the ...Full Article

Does injury make it more likely Quentin stays in SD?

Headline: The Padres offense is struggling. Shocking, isnFull Article

The 2012 San Diego Padres: Epitome of Boring Baseball

In past years the Padres have been accused of playingFull Article

Ring around the relievers

To describe the past week as an eventful one for the Friars bullpen bunch would qualify as an extreme understatement. The Padres welcomed two new faces to their relief ...Full Article