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Minor Thoughts

Nick Hundley Talks to the Press

So Nick Hundley had some things to say and The UT’s Kevin Acee put some of Nick’s words to print. In these words in which he had to say, Nick said something which would have definitely brought the record scratch and awkward stares. “You want to talk about a guy who is unproven and had […]Full Article

Minor Thoughts- Robert De Niro in Canal Fear

Have you ever spent three straight days in a Panamanian hospital?….  I have some news, it’s not as fun as it sounds.  That’s where I have been the last ...Full Article

Minor Thoughts- Chronicles of Panama: No Lion, No Witch, and a lack of Wardrobe

Ladies and gentlemen!  It has been far too long.  Have you missed me?  If you feel that lump in your throat and finding yourself incapable of responding, there is ...Full Article