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The Lack of Home-Grown Padre Stars

There’s no question the Padres have a lot wrong with them right now. The organization is in flux and needs stability. Hopefully the search for a new GM ends well and Mike Dee and company find the right guy to take on this situation. There are many challenges ahead for San Diego’s future GM, including […]Full Article

Analyzing the Josh Johnson Gamble

Just because the Josh Johnson experiment failed doesn’t mean it was the wrong move this past offseason. Padre fans are annoyed and disappointed right now.  I get it.  Potential ...Full Article

If I ran the Padres – Part II

If I ran the Padres…. I would stop buying out arbitration years for my young players.  I admit my position on this issue has evolved in the past 3 ...Full Article

Padres Release FanFest Information; New Events

With just a little over 8 days to spare, the Padres released tentative information regarding next Saturday’s FanFest event today. The basic events and forums that fans experienced in ...Full Article

Left Out

The first time is always tough. I can understand why I didn’t get to audition for the public announcer job at Petco Park on Saturday.  There are only so ...Full Article

Remembering Jerry Coleman

Jerry Coleman was an institution. He was a fixture like the columns that support a building; something Padre fans, and San Diegans in general, counted on each summer. Yes, ...Full Article