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Top 5 first basemen in Padres History

We’ll be looking at the top five players in Padre history at each position.  The first rule: we will only consider the players’ time with the Padres, so Mike Piazza doesn’t count because he was only here for 1 year.  I have set a completely arbitrary minimum of 200 games with the Padres.  The other […]Full Article

Players of the Month – August

Hitter of the month: 3BFull Article

Kelly Debut Preview

Casey Kelly is pitching Monday. In case you didnFull Article

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Here Be Why To Feast Ye Eyes On Me Padres This Sundown.

Hey there, true believers of belief. ItFull Article

Players of the Month: July

Hitter of the month: 1BFull Article

There’s No Easy Way To Say This, Padres, But I Think We Need A Break.

Full Article