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Richard Dorsha

Reason to Visit the Yard

I may regret writing this.  I don’t really believe in my ability to jinx things, but I don’t totally disbelieve it either.  Therefore I want to state, right off the bat, I absolve myself of any and all responsibility for my actions.  With that said, here goes: I’m really, really excited about Rymer Liriano. I […]Full Article

July players of the month

Hitter of the month: RF/LF – Seth Smith July totals:  358/429/567 –   3 HR, 5 2B, 8 RBI, 13 R On the one hand Smith is producing at ...Full Article

June Hitter/Pitcher of the Month

Hitter of the month: VACANT June totals:  total crap No one will be honored for June 2014 because no one deserves it.  In a month that might (should?) go ...Full Article

The Real Problem

The Padres will not break out of their current malaise unless they address the real problem on the field.  I’m not sure of the solution, but the firing of ...Full Article

Byrnes deserved better

I think firing Josh Byrnes was silly.  You didn’t ask for my opinion, but I’m giving it to you anyway. While he is not an “A+” general manager, he ...Full Article

I Miss Tony Gwynn

You’re wrong about Tony Gwynn.  However good you think he was, you are mistaken.  However amazed you are about his career, you are misinformed. That’s because Tony Gwynn wasn’t ...Full Article