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SAN DIEGO, CAFull Article

The Go-Go Durango Show!

Luis Durango, nicknamed “The Panamaniac” (born April 23 1986 in Panama City) is a Panamanian professional baseball center-fielder, under the radar prospect for the San Diego Padres. Durango came ...Full Article

San Diego native and ex Padre Brian Giles retires

Brian Giles Retires Outfielder Brian Giles announced his retirement today, according to Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times. The Dodgers had signed Giles to a minor league deal in ...Full Article

It’s Just a Matter of Time

With Adrian Gonzalez’s future as a Padre in doubt, let’s look at the options     The chances of Adrian Gonzalez being a Padre beyond the 2011 season seem ...Full Article
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