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Daily Friar 1.10.13 

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So has the news of yesterday’s Hall of Fame vote sunk in yet? I guess it should come as no surprise really that no one got in as the voters need more time to decide who should get in. This is the first class that was directly affected by the presence of PEDs in professional sports. Half the ballot was filled with players who have been known or suspected of using the juice. The biggest surprise was that Craig Biggio didn’t get in on the first time. If you ask around, or read stuff online, most people were surprised that he didn’t make it in. This was his first time on the ballot, so I have a feeling he could get in next year. Speaking of next year, there will be quite a few top names eligible including the 1-2 punch of Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux. Today’s links have quite a bit on the HOF vote as well as some moves made by other NL West teams. Lastly, you will find links at the bottom to the percentages that each player got in the HOF vote, and a link to Steve Adler’s vlog.

For Padres farmhands, work doesn’t end on the field –

“Baseball remains a seasonal job, where players are paid in-season. The pay isn’t always great, especially for younger players. While the Major League minimum salary in 2012 was $480,000, the figure for first-year players, regardless of their organization, runs about $1,110 a month during the season.”

Tony Gwynn is stunned no one voted into Hall of Fame – Union Tribune

“‘I was convinced the headliners of the PED era were not going to get in on the first ballot,’ said Gwynn. ‘But I thought Craig Biggio had a strong chance. And I thought Jack Morris and Jeff Bagwell had a shot.'”

San Diego Padres top 20 prospects for 2013 – Minor League Ball

“The most intriguing is Austin Hedges, owner of a terrific glove and a better than expected bat. It will be interesting to see how he carries forward to the California League.”

MLB Hall of Fame pitches a shutout – The Friarhood

“Don’t blame the writers for not voting for a bunch of cheats. Blame Bud Selig for letting it happen.”

Rockies sign Manny Corpas – Seedlings to Stars

“According to Thomas Harding of, the organization believes that Corpas can be a serious contender for a spot in the bullpen filling one of their “hybrid” roles – relievers that face righties or lefties and have the capability of throwing multiple innings, if necessary.”

Dodgers sign Matt Palmer – MLBTR

Palmer, 33, appeared in three games for the Padres this past season, but spent most of the year at Triple-A, posting a 5.66 ERA in 98 2/3 innings.”

Hall of Fame voting results –

Steve Adler talks about the Hall of Fame on his vlog



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