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Daily Friar 1.18.13 

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Where did all the news go? Yesterday was chock full of stories from the Padres and around the league. Today I have three articles, yup, only three. Today is the deadline for teams to trade numbers with their players before leading to arbitration hearings. In fact the deadline was 10AM PST and if you are on twitter following the right people the numbers have been rolling in all morning. So much so in fact that I really can’t post any articles about the bigger signings because there are just too many. Tomorrow I am sure we will have a clearer picture of what is going around the league, and who we will see going to a hearing. As of this writing, four of the eight Padres who were up for arbitration had settled on a contract. We reported Will Venable yesterday, and today we have three more to report. John Baker settled this morning, so there is no official story yet, but it was reported on twitter. Chase Headley has not been reported yet as to what he will be making. Three things could happen with Chase at this point: 1.) He accepts a one year deal in the $8-9MM range, 2.) He signs a multi-year contract right now, or 3.) He and the Padres go all the way to a hearing. Like I said though, tomorrow we will have a clearer picture of what will have happened. Also tomorrow the Daily Friar will show up a little later in the day, probably closer to noon or later. As for today, let’s get to those articles:
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Padres agree to terms with Joe Thatcher and Everth Cabrera –

Thatcher will make $1.35 million. Last season, he went 1-4 with a 3.41 ERA in 55 games and earned $700,000. Cabrera, projected to be the Padres’ Opening Day shortstop, will make $1.27 million this season. He made $495,600 last season.”

The rest of the World Baseball Classic rosters were revealed yesterday afternoon –

“All 16 provisional rosters for the upcoming World Baseball Classic were revealed Thursday with a bevy of big-name Major Leaguers committing to the third edition of the international tournament.”

Padres 2013 salaries – The Friarhood

“The 2013 Padres payroll is still a work in progress.  This is an updated chart with 2013 amounts and estimations provided by for the 2013 Padres Roster.”



About the author: Matt Rennick

Born and raised in San Diego and a Padres fan since day one. On that fateful night of September 6, 1989 when I came into this world, the game was on in the delivery room and the Padres beat the Astros and I have been forever engrained with Padre blood. I have followed sports my whole life and have written the Daily Friar for over a year and enjoy bringing all of you the news each morning.