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Daily Friar 1.21.13 

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day is upon us once again. Every year we are reminded of the courage and tenacity that helped drive the Civil Rights Movement, and gave us the blended culture we live in today. Think about if sports and life were still segregated, Dave Winfield, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Gary Templeton, Cameron Maybin, among many others wouldn’t have adorned a Padre uniform. We commemorate this day to show that yes we can get along. Even in the toughest of times we can live peacefully and be one as Americans. Not African Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, European Americans, but simply Americans. I think that is why baseball will forever be America’s pastime, because it brings people together. Even if we are sitting next to a Dodger fan, we are there for one purpose: to enjoy a game of baseball and root for our home team. So as you enjoy your day off today (for most people) think about what could have been if not for this. Enjoy the articles below:
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Black baseball pioneers aided King’s message –

“And so on this day in which we honor King and pause to remember the men and women who suffered and sacrificed in the name of racial fairness, Major League Baseball should be proud of its role in forcing people to see the world in a way they’d never seen it before.”

Barry Bloom interviewed Dave Winfield a couple of days ago –

“Bud Black is a good manager. He just got an extension on his contract. He’s a good man. Players like him. He gets the most out of the players. We just have to give him more players if we can.”

Will Padres impasse drag on? – Union Tribune

“Speculation is that Dish, the county’s smallest TV provider, will show games this season, but Time Warner, the county’s second-biggest, may not. By one estimate, Time Warner serves about 22 percent — or 185,000 — of the county’s pay-TV subscribers.”

An interview with John Sickels – MadFriars

“He is about to publish his annual prospect handbook, a mandatory purchase for anyone with even a passing interest in prospects and great writing.”

Seedlings to Stars is going through their top 115 prospects; here is 81-90
Max Fried is number 90:

“He’s still young, so the team won’t rush him, but with Giolito sitting out a year while recovering from Tommy John surgery this could be Fried’s opportunity to further push himself far and away above his former teammate.”

Glen Miller speculates trades that would ‘blow your socks off’ – The Friarhood

“This has led me to wonder not just what trade Byrnes may have been looking into but what type of deal would “blow the socks” off of Padres fans. Here are five examples of deals that would probably knock our socks off along with hypothetical rationales behind each.”



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Born and raised in San Diego and a Padres fan since day one. On that fateful night of September 6, 1989 when I came into this world, the game was on in the delivery room and the Padres beat the Astros and I have been forever engrained with Padre blood. I have followed sports my whole life and have written the Daily Friar for over a year and enjoy bringing all of you the news each morning.