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Daily Friar 10.12.12 

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There were some interesting games yesterday to say the least. Two game fives and two game fours made for some dramatic finishes. The Tigers snapped the A’s dream of moving further on, while the Giants came back from 0-2 to win the final three games to move on as well. The Yankees and Cardinals just needed to win to go to the next round, but both lost to force game fives as well for today. So all the division series this year have gone all the way to game five and will no doubt end in dramatic fashion yet again. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a walkoff today, or a stellar performance from someone that you wouldn’t expect. That’s what I love about the playoffs, anyone can be a hero. In other quick news, the Javelinas won last night, and the Tuscon Padres will have a new home in El Paso. You can read more in the links below:
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Born and raised in San Diego and a Padres fan since day one. On that fateful night of September 6, 1989 when I came into this world, the game was on in the delivery room and the Padres beat the Astros and I have been forever engrained with Padre blood. I have followed sports my whole life and have written the Daily Friar for over a year and enjoy bringing all of you the news each morning.