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Daily Friar 12.27.12 

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There is a large looming question when it comes to the offseason: What do you write about when there is nothing to write about? Most teams don’t have this problem as there is always something going on to make news. In the case of the Padres, there isn’t a whole lot going on. Luckily, all I have been tasked to do is find articles and give them to you all. However, if I just put a list of news articles it would be pretty boring, at least that is what I think. So that is why I try to spice things up a bit with my opening paragraph every morning. That then becomes a problem because I like to talk about something relevant that will spike some interest, but when there is nothing to talk about I am sitting here thinking okay what next. So I try to fit enough words in here to make it so that it looks interesting, and I think I have hit that word quota. Let’s get to those links:
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Vexing start, strong finish marked Padres’ season –

“As much as the team would have liked to, you simply can’t go back and erase the first three months of the season, nor can you somehow protect players in a plastic bubble, keeping them from injury and far away from the disabled list.”

The Padres reacquire Sawyer Carroll – Baseball America

“The Padres reacquired Triple-A outfielder Sawyer Carroll from the Blue Jays, the team that less than a month ago selected him in the minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft.”

Chris Jenkins gives you his 2013 predictions – Union Tribune

“The Padres do something to win back the hearts of San Diego, something that will take far more than just winning more games. Like a manager that’s lost his ballclub, the Padres have been almost completely tuned out by their own city, and that’s not even a reference to the ridiculous unavailability of televised games for 42 percent of the populace.”

The Padres are boring according to C. Trent Rosecrans at CBS Sports

“Their uniforms are the most boring in the game. They’re awful, they’re just dull.”



About the author: Matt Rennick

Born and raised in San Diego and a Padres fan since day one. On that fateful night of September 6, 1989 when I came into this world, the game was on in the delivery room and the Padres beat the Astros and I have been forever engrained with Padre blood. I have followed sports my whole life and have written the Daily Friar for over a year and enjoy bringing all of you the news each morning.