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Daily Friar 12.8.12 

The Padres offseason is underway, albeit it is very quiet. Yesterday we debuted the brand new Friarhood page for you all, and with it I was able to update you all on the news that has happened over the past couple weeks. Now we are on the back end of the winter meetings with not a whole lot to show for it. A couple guys came our way in the rule 5 draft, and Jason Marquis has a new contract. Other than that there was a whole lot of nothing on the Padres front. Josh Byrnes even said that his phone was relatively quiet. That is not to say that a move could be in the works. This is baseball after all, and something could happen at any moment. Take today for instance, the Rangers have traded Michael Young to the Phillies. The top free agent prizes are also still available, which the Padres probably won’t be in on. I would say though that there might be a move made before the end of the year, but definitely keep an eye on January. Once some of the bigger names begin to fall in place, the Padres can make their move. Here are your links for today:
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Bill Center held his weekly chat with the fans over on the Union Tribune site

“The Padres have used their bullpen, depth at middle infield and Jesus Guzman as bait. thus far, no bites that they haven’t tossed back.”

A top 30 prospect list, this time from David Jay at Madfriars

“The Padres have high-upside hurlers at every level of the system, but while the top three positional prospects also have All-Star potential, their ranks thin out much more quickly.”

Padres apparently showing interest in more starting pitching help – Chicken Friars

“I cannot speak for all Padres fans, but I am sure that I speak for many when I say that I am glad that the Front Office is continuing to try and add depth to the Starting Rotation.”

Gaslamp Ball has declared the Jason Marquis signing as “fresh”

“Regardless of the lack of the excitement surrounding the signing it still got decent reviews. With an 82% fresh rating it’s on par with movies like Gattaca, Super 8, A League of Their Own and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.”

Who did the Padres get in the rule 5 draft? – The Friarhood

“The Padres selected two players in the Triple-A portion of the Rule 5 Draft. 3B Diego Goris (21) and RHP Federico Castaneda (28) both from the Kansas City Royals organization.”



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