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Daily Friar 2.14.10 

Record crowd on hand for Friars FanFest –

Over 12,000 show up for autographs, Q&A at PETCO Park

Front Office – Inside the Padres

Take it for what it’s worth, but I consider it a promising group.

Youthful club heads to Arizona brimming with optimism –

Which young faces will emerge? Who will crack the rotation? Can anyone protect Adrian Gonzalez in the lineup?

Padres’ Blanks leaner, keener –

He’s still enormous, but plainly leaner. Like one of the Alps after an avalanche.

2010 Padres Fan Fest: Epic DayPerpetual Padres Saga

Later, Jenny Cavnar joined the party. Jenny is a reporter for the Padres so I was extremely thrilled to see her. I want her job someday but I didn’t say that to her.

I’ll tell you my two favorite activities at Friar Fan



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