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Daily Friar 2.4.10 

Daily Friar

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The Value of Everth Cabrera –

For the season, he reached base 46.4% of the time he attempted a bunt with eight sacrifice bunts.

Hoyer: Too early to draw conclusions about trading Gonzalez –

“The team’s position with regard to Adrian has not changed at all,’’ said Hoyer

Not a Rookie: Mat Latos – Minor League Ball

There are two worries with Latos: his makeup, and his health. Latos has an, um, unusual personality

Padres close to signing catcher Torrealba –

The Padres are close to finalizing a one-year contract with veteran Yorvit Torrealba

A day in the life of Matt Antonelli on Game Day – The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli

I know most of your games start at around 7:00 p.m. What do you do when you are not at the field? What time do you usually get up, go to bed, that type of stuff?

Padres Fans’ Favorites VHS (2002) – .400 in '94

Weird I didn’t even know they still made VHS’s in the 2000’s




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