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Daily Friar 3.6.13 

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How sweet is it to beat up on the Dodgers? I know it’s only spring, but any chance that we get to beat them is, to quote Mark Grant, “some kinda nice!” The other nice part about it is that the Padres were teeing off on Clayton Kershaw, who pitched three innings allowing 7 hits, 4 runs (all earned) and only struck out 2. Two of those runs came off the bat of Nick Hundley who sent a ball over the left field wall to add to his impressive spring numbers. On to the defensive side of things, Jason Marquis had another great outing as he pitched three innings giving up 2 runs, only 1 of those earned. He did walk two, but he also struck out two to make up for it. I know we don’t like walks since it is a free runner, but if you are going to walk a guy and not let them score I can handle that. It’s the walks that lead to runs that obviously bug me. I hope that the Padres can keep beating the Dodgers heading into the regular season as we are set to take them on in the opening series at Petco Park. I will be there, and I hope that you can make it too. Here are your links for today:
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Nick Hundley, Cameron Maybin, and Jesus Guzman homer to power Padres –

“Nick Hundley continued his torrid spring Tuesday with a two-run home run in the Padres’ 7-3 Cactus League victory over the Dodgers at the Peoria Sports Complex.”

Blanks firing anything but blanks – Union Tribune

“Thing is, Blanks likewise has hit the Cactus League raking. In his first 21 at bats over a 10-game span, Blanks batted .476 and scored 10 runs, and there was a familiar pow to the sound of his solo home run.”

Jason Marquis could have big year – Rant Sports

“What could be the biggest reason for a career year is his added pitch. Marquis has been working on adding a changeup by talking release and grip with Padres great Trevor Hoffman.”

You should care about the WBC – Chicken Friars

“The WBC is awesome. It’s incredibley interesting to watch all these players giving their all for the worldwide stage. You get to see players much more interested in running out grounders, shagging the ball with two hands, and bunting. Fundamentals run amuck and it’s exhilarating.”

The Sacrifice Bunt tries to make sense of the Padres’ offseason – Padres Public

“Now, before you go off and call Byrnes a dirty liar, it’s important to understand one thing: Byrnes is a very picky shopper. As he approached this off-season’s offerings, Byrnes committed himself to two simple rules: 1. Do not give out any contract in excess of three years 2. Do not entertain pitchers with risk of injury.”

Steve Adler talks about moving in the fences:



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