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Daily Friar 4.12.13 

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What an eventful game we had on hands last night! Not only was it a pretty close game again it had some excitement in the sixth inning. Zack Greinke hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch and Quentin took exception to it and charged the mound. In doing so he broke Greinke’s left collar bone, which does not bode well for the Dodgers. Last night was crazy with speculation and rumors as to who said what and who did what. What we do know is that they have had some history going back to 2009 when Quentin was hit and had to be restrained. Padre fans have taken the who cares attitude in the whole thing, like we do. Dodger fans on the other hand are ready to riot, like they do. It has gotten to the point where some Dodger fans are threatening Padre fans who might be going up to see the games next week in LA. If you are going up for the trip just be careful. We know what Dodger fans have done in the past and I am sure it will be very tense. So without further ado let’s get to articles about the night.
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Padres fall late after benches clearing scuffle –

“In a game that was marred by a benches-clearing brawl in the sixth inning, Juan Uribe hit a tiebreaking home run in the eighth inning to lift the Dodgers to a 3-2 victory over the Padres in front of a crowd of 24,610 at Petco Park.”

New Padres owners embrace Josh Byrnes – Union Tribune

“Without being asked about Josh Byrnes, the new Padres owners are bringing up his name and saying how terrific he is. Ron Fowler said he trusts the 42-year-old general manager will make ‘smart baseball decisions.'”

Chase Headley could begin rehab Sunday – NBC Sports

“It’s not clear how long the rehab assignment will be, but it’s looking very likely that we’ll see Headley before the end of the month.”

The history of Quentin and Greinke – Fangraphs

“Quentin almost certainly had the feeling Greinke was gunning for him. If Quentin just saw the latter half of Greinke’s post-game quotes, it could have stoked the fire.”

ESPN talks more about the brawl and after the game

“After the game, Kemp confronted Quentin as the two players were leaving Petco Park. Kemp walked up to Quentin near the players’ exit, and the two went nose-to-nose. Padres pitcher Clayton Richard separated them, and security and police quickly broke it up.”

Will Chase Headley revive the Padres chances? – Rant Sports

“No matter when he comes back, Headley is sure to kick start this offense at least a little bit. There is bound to be some impact of his simply being in the line-up even if he has a slow start upon his return.”

Gyorko makes the big jump – MadFriars

“We caught up with Jedd Gyorko at the end of spring and spoke to him and others about his upcoming move to the big club.”

Multiple parties to blame for brawl – Chicken Friars

“Regardless of where blame is ultimately placed though, next week’s series in Los Angeles should be quite interesting.  I’m sure that Quentin will receive a few pitches in between his numbers though.”

Will Venable’s siren song – Padres Public

“I know all of this. I know that the Venable of Tuesday afternoon will slump and that what we saw is likely a mirage. But I also know that the potential for Tuesday to be the norm and not the exception is in him.”



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