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Daily Friar 4.30.12 

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Winning game one of a three game series usually puts that team in a good position to take the series. Win game one, and then you have two more opportunities to win one more game to lock up the series. The Padres won game one against the Giants, had game two stolen from them, then came into game three knowing what they had to do. Game three didn’t happen though. The offense was lackluster again, the pitching was there (just a couple mistakes) and the defense was subpar. Then again when the defense keeps committing errors I guess our game was pretty par then. Click on the links below for more on the game. Here are your Padres links for today:
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Rare free pass looms large in Padres loss to Giants –
“But as a definite sign as to how small the Padres’ margin for error has become, not even strong pitching could get them anything more than one victory, as they fell to the Giants, 4-1, before a sold-out crowd at AT&T Park on a sun-kissed Sunday afternoon.”

Giants won’t mind Padres bringing in their fences – Union Tribune
“The Giants spend nine games a year at Petco, more than enough time that they didn



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