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Daily Friar 5.15.12 

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Stop me if I have said this before: The Padres lost again last night. The offense picked it up, but it was the pitching that failed them this time. More offense is what we’re supposed to look forward to when we hit the road. And last night with 5 runs the offense was there. But the pitching staff gave up 3 homeruns. They are playing right now facing Stephen Strasburg. We’ve beaten Roy Halladay twice, so maybe we can slay another giant. Also if the articles seem a little lackluster and redundant from day to day it is because no one is writing about the Padres right now. A few of my sources have stopped writing altogether, and I am lucky if a national outlet submits something once a week. So I need your help if you see anything throw it my way on twitter or on facebook on any of the Friarhood feeds. Here are your links for today:
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Stauffer solid in 2012 debut before Friars fall –
“Even with the re-emergence of arguably their best pitcher over the last two seasons, the outlook on this night remained as equally gloomy as the weather, as the Padres lost a lead in the middle innings before falling to the Nationals, 8-5, in front of a crowd of 19,434 at Nationals Park.”

Moores is pleased with interest in the Padres – Union Tribune
“There may be more suitors than there were for Penelope



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Born and raised in San Diego and a Padres fan since day one. On that fateful night of September 6, 1989 when I came into this world, the game was on in the delivery room and the Padres beat the Astros and I have been forever engrained with Padre blood. I have followed sports my whole life and have written the Daily Friar for over a year and enjoy bringing all of you the news each morning.