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Daily Friar 7.23.12 

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Within the hour that I posted the Daily Friar yesterday with the article saying Carlos Quentin was close to an extension it became official. All the details are below, but the Reader’s Digest version is that Quentin will be your left fielder for the next few years. That is of course we don’t dangle his contract security out there as trade bait next year. It could happen, we saw it happen with Jake Peavy. What I am warning is don’t go running out to get your Carlos Quentin jerseys yet or you could be disappointed. Josh Byrnes has hinted that we could see more extensions coming up, mainly with Huston Street so we’ll see if that happens beforee the deadline which is just over a week away. You will notice no more UT articles for the time being. I went over my click limit on their site. Here are your Padres links for today:
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Venable’s clutch single gives Padres series victory –
“But it was Venable, facing a lefty reliever in Matt Reynolds, no less, who delivered the big blow of the day Sunday, a seventh-inning RBI single that sent his Padres to a 3-2 win over the Rockies.”

Carlos Quentin agrees to 3-year deal – ESPN
“Carlos Quentin has agreed to a $27 million, three-year contract with the San Diego Padres that includes a no-trade clause.”

New energy helps Padres stay hot – NCT
“The Padres have climbed out of last place in the National League West by going 13-6 since June 30 and 22-16 since June 9. They have five-game and four-game winning streaks in that period, and at 41-56, their record is better than four other major league teams.”

Padres don’t expect to be active at deadline – CBS Sports
“But Padres general manager Josh Byrnes recently went on record saying the Padres were looking with a purpose toward the near-future — that they might not be in the market for wholesale changes at the deadline.”

Examining the Carlos Quentin extension – MLBTR
“But the deal’s consequences are already apparent for the 29 other MLB teams: there



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