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Don’t Panic 

Coming off a defeat like this, I’m sure many Padres fans are starting to get beads of sweat. The lowly Diamondbacks put 11 runs on us. Losing a heart-breaker to the Phillies on Friday, and losing yet another to the same club on Saturday. Think of it like this, Padres Fans. Losing is foreign territory. The last losing skid we had was the Dodgers sweep back in May. And that’s the ONLY series sweep against us. That’s something to be proud of. We lose two and then bounce back to avoid series sweeps. Padres don’t roll over. Friday night was a good example of just scrapping to win. Although we ended up losing, we didn’t go out with a fight.

The Criticism

There are some things that did concern me that I have been noticing this season. First, we make bad pitchers look like aces. Coming into San Diego, Joe Blanton had a 5.32 ERA. But look at his numbers today.

Blanton: 7IP 6H 1R 1ER 0BB 3K

This guy is now a 5.15 ERA with 19HR 165H, 79ER, and opp avg. of .297. We should have plated three runners minimum. We have to take advantage of bad pitchers. Second thing, the return of the offensive doldrums. Luddy went 0-4, flying out to the shortstop and outfield all day. Tejada with two strikeouts as with Headley. We need to put some lumber on. Third, the free passes. Jayson Werth was HBP and had a BB. He scored on both of those by Shane Victorino. We died by the Free Pass.

There IS some light, folks.

It may seem doom and gloom here but we actually handled the Phillies well. Ryan Howard went 0-4 as did Chase Utley and Polanco. Shane Victorino was pretty much the hero of the day for the Phillies as he had two RBIs with a single and a triple. He was pretty much the offense of the Phillies. Everyone else did squat. But like I said, the Free Passes were our undoing.

So Padres fans, don’t fear. Things are just not going our way right now. Take solace as the Diamondbacks walloped on the Giants today as well. So we’re still six games ahead of them. The ship will be righted.



About the author: Steve Adler

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