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2012 MLB draft and the Padres: Best of the Rest 

2012 mlb draft logoRounds 2- 40 of the MLB draft took place on June 5 and 6 starting at 9am Pacific time. They were divided up as rounds 2- 15 on June 5 and 16- 40 on June 6. Major league baseball cut the draft from 50 to 40 rounds this year as part of the new CBA with the players union.

On June 5 the Padres tried to make it up to their discontended fans from Day 1 by drafting a lot of bats. And the emphasis was with position players up the middle of the diamond, a great need within the organization as a whole.

Round 2 yielded two picks (one -70- as compensation for the loss of Heath Bell).

Jeremy Baltz OF