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Eugene Emeralds 2011 Season Review 

 Eugene_EmeraldsThe short-season Eugene Emeralds finished in first place in the Northwest division of the Northwest league. Their 46-30 record was good for a 7 game lead over second place Vancouver for a season that ended on Sept. 3rd. They lost in the first round of the playoffs to Vancouver 2 games to 1 with the Vancouver team going on to win the championship.

The Ems were the recipients of the majority of the 2011 draft signees for their first professional season. With the exception of late signees Ross, Kelly and Hedges, the Ems boasted a lineup including high picks Matt Andriese, Cody Hebner, Kevin Quackenbush and Jace Peterson. As well as many picks from 11th round and above. Of the new Padres making their debuts, many had good starts to their seasons and were exposed to playoff baseball in their first pro season.

Shortstop Jace Peterson (58th overall pick in 2011- comp round) started slow in his 73 games and 276 AB for the Ems but finished strong. He totaled 9 2B, 5 3B, 2 HR and 27 RBI for the year and was first on the team with 39 stolen bases. His August was the most impressive with a .287/.353/.376 line.

OF Justin Miller (30th round 2011) played in 35 games with 130 AB with 12 2B and 14 RBI for a .308/.429/.451 line but displayed limited power with no triples or homeruns.

2B/SS Casey McElroy (35th round 2011) played in 19 games and 73 AB with 6 2B, 2 HR and 11 RBI for a .301/.406/.381 line.

2B Travis Whitmore (35th round 2011) played in 62 games with 209 AB with 15 2B, 5 3B, 1 HR and 32 RBI for a .297/.373/.431 line and finished first on the team in doubles and triples.

1B Zach Kometani (21st round 2011) played in 56 games with 192 AB and 13 2B, 4 HR and 39 RBI for a .250/.319/.380 line. His was tops in RBI for the team.

Homerun leader for the Ems was OF Lee Orr (13th round 2011) who struck 8 bombs along with 13 2B and 2 3B to total 35 RBI but also struck out 88 times and finished with a .219/.364/.414 line.

There was also some very good pitching from the new Padres with starters and relievers both pitching well to start their pro careers.

Starter Matt Andriese (3rd round 2011)  5-1,   1.51 ERA  in 12 games/8 games started for 41.2 IP with 10 BB and 42 SO. He was 3-0 and 1.13 ERA as a reliever, 2-1,  1.60 ERA as a starter.

Colin Rea (12th round 2011) 3-4,  2.21 ERA in 53 IP with 21 walks and 43 strikeouts.

Cody Hebner (4th round 2011) 2-2,   3.35 ERA in 37.2 IP with 15 walks and 39 strikeouts.

Of note, John Barbato played his first pro season for the Ems in 2011. He was a 2010 draft pick in the 6th round but was a late sign as pulling him away from his commitment to Florida was thought to be almost impossible. He did sign, however, and might be a better prospect than the first round pick of last year that didn