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(Extremely) Quick Reaction to Matt Kemp 

I wanted very much to hate the Matt Kemp trade, but I am finding it hard to do so because of some of the following observations:

About Kemp:

— Kemp is a career 292/349/495 hitter.  Instantly the best on the Padres.

— Kemp was 2nd in MVP voting in 2011

— After dealing with injuries in the first half of 2014, Kemp went 309/365/606 after the ASG

— Kemp can play any outfield position, we may have seen the last of Alexi Amarista in CF

— An outfield of Kemp – Maybin – Venable would be an elite-level defensive OF

— Petco is a fly ball park, a good place for an elite defensive OF

— Kemp is 30 years old, usually considered the prime of a baseball career

— Carlos Quentin (if he plays at all) can now take on a part-time player role and perhaps make it to the end of a 70-game season

About Grandal:

— Grandal is a career 245/350/412 hitter (including a 225 BA last year)

— Padres pitchers asked to work with Rene Rivera behind the plate (Grandal started 62 games at C)

— It is still unknown how much of Grandal’s early success was chemically enhanced

— Grandal allowed 12 passed balls in those 62 games, to lead the NL

— Let me repeat that: playing in 38% of possible games, Grandal managed to lead the league in passed balls

— Which leads me to believe: Grandal is not a catcher, he is a first baseman playing catcher

I want to hate this trade.  I have never liked Matt Kemp and his Rhianna-dating, male-modeling, LA-style ways.  But, just looking at the baseball side of things it seems appealing.  I am, however, withholding judgement until I see what else goes on this offseason.



About the author: Richard Dorsha

The Padres above all others. There is nothing else in sports I want more than a Padres World Series title. My sports fandom begins and ends with the Friars. A San Diegan and Padre fan for more than 30 years now. Love to view the Padres from a historical context after reading about the team's humble beginnings to the dream come true of joining the National League. Been to more Padre games than I can count, seen more hours of Padre baseball than I care to mention.