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Fanfest, Photos, Prizes, and More 

FH event bannerIt just wouldn’t be Fanfest without some Friarhood shenanigans. Below you will see a list of places to be, people to meet, and at what time.  When you meet these people you will collect raffle tickets. Here’s how the tickets work:

  • If you are wearing Friarhood gear = 3 tickets
  • If you are wearing Padres gear = 1 ticket

Bring your tickets to the Friarhood after party at Tin Fish.  We will have a drawing for plenty of great prizes like shirts, bobbleheads, beach towels and more!

For those of you on instagram, make sure you follow us @friarhood, we will have a contest on instagram during fanfest.

So just make sure you wear Friarhood gear,, meet some new people, have fun, and win prizes.  That’s the formula for a successful FanFest!

Here is a list of who to meet and where.  There will be in a Friarhood shirt and you will only know there names.  They will be the awkward person standing in the specific spot with raffle tickets, don’t worry, they want to find you!

Ambassador Location Time Twitter
Ian Top of Waterfall 10:00 @sdredbull8
Krissy Padres Store 11:00 @krissysd
Mark Coleman Statue 11:30 @sportsroses
Friarhood Photo Coleman Statue  12:30
Aaron Gwynn Statue 1:00 @waldo_aaron
Brad Park at Park Big Screen 1:30
Steve Behind HP (Concourse) 2:00 @friarhood
Friarhood Party Tin Fish 3:00 – 5:00



About the author: Steve Adler

Steve is the founder of the Friarhood