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Fantasy Baseball 101 

Fantasy Baseball 101
Welcome To Baseball.  If you have never played fantasy Baseball then it’s time to look at a few of the basics.  If you have played fantasy baseball before, let’s take a look at all the different ways you can play.
The first step is to join a league at find a league, the most popular sites are yahoo and ESPN.  Leagues are where owners (yourself) are put into groups of around 8 to 16 teams, then choose their rosters (players) by a draft or auction and compete based on year-to-date standings or head-to-head weekly records.
There are four basic styles of leagues to choose from.   Categorical Rotisserie, Points Rotisserie, Categorical Head to head, and Points Head to Head.  Categorical Rotisserie is the most common format of Fantasy Baseball.  There are typically 10 Categories broken down into 5 offensive (HR, RBI’s, Runs, Stolen Bases and BA) and 5 Pitching (Wins, Strikeouts, Saves, Earned Run Average, and Walks and Hits/ Inning pitched aka WHIP).  In each category, you receive a unit every time one of your players contributes to that event in the game.  EX. If your player hits a home run, your home run category is increased by 1.  Then your team’s total home runs are compared to all other teams in the league and points are awarded.
The number of points your team receives in each category will be determined by the number of teams in the league.  For example, if there are 12 teams the team with the best stat for a category will receive 12 points.  The team with the second most of that stat receives 11 points and so on with the team with the worst of that specific stat receiving 1 point.  The points for all 10 categories are added up to determine the league standings.
In Points Rotisserie, each category has a point total and a team will get points determined by what an individual player does.   (A single being worth 1, doubles 2, triples 3 and HR’s 4)  Whichever team scores the most points wins, regardless of categorical standings.
The Head to Head formats are much more similar to Fantasy Football in that as opposed to calculating standings with categories over the course of the season, you play against a different owner each week.  The League standings are determined by weekly wins and losses not points.  Head to Head leagues are scored Categorical (like rotisserie where if you win a category you get a point) and the winner is who wins the most categories or Head to Head points (like Rotisserie a team gets points for different categories and the team with the most points at the end wins).
Once you have decided on the format you want to play there are two common ways to draft your players.  There is your typical Snake Draft and there are Auction Drafts.   The snake draft will start off with teams drawing their pick out of a hat (random).  The order is then usually reversed in the even number rounds, so that teams that have the 1stnd round and then the 1st pick in the 3rd round and so on.  The draft continues this way until every team has drafter all active and reserve spots. pick also have the last pick in the 2
The second selection process is the Auction.  Teams are allocated a salary cap (amount of money) to bid and choose on their players.  The top players typically go for a high amount and teams bid on $1 increments.
These are the four most typical formats for Fantasy Baseball.  Fantasy baseball can be very enjoyable if you find your self in a competitive league with owners that do not give up on their teams.  The difference between Fantasy baseball and Fantasy football is that baseball plays daily while football plays once a week.  It is easy to set your team and forget it in Fantasy Football…that is not the case in Fantasy Baseball.  The most important rule when playing any Fantasy Sport is to always have Fun!
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