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Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 1B 

Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 1B

King Albert reigns over the most productive offensive category in Fantasy Baseball.  Albert Pujols is on a tier by himself, the guys is amazing and just when you thought he could not get better he started running last season.  As we break down the first baseman, the position is deep, but elite talent shines at the top.  If you can pick up a stud early go for it, if you miss out, don’t reach on a pick, there is plenty of depth at the position.

 Tier 1

Albert Pujols – 30

His numbers are amazing and you can expect similar numbers to continue.  The addition of Matt Holiday will allow him to see more pitches, but don’t expect him to steal 20 bases.


Tier 2



Mark Teixeria – 30

For the first time in three seasons, Teixeria was able to play a full season with one team.  Tex was a model of consistency and with one year under his belt and the addition of Curtis Granderson there is no reason to think his numbers will drop.  He’s a safe bet as well as having huge upside.


Miguel Cabrera – 27

Miguel is now in his prime and is one of the best pure hitters in baseball.  After a season in which he was lucky to pass 100 RBIs, Cabrera now loses Granderson.  Do not discount Cabrera because of his drop in RBIs, his average and OBP were up and he is primed for a big season.


Ryan Howard – 30

Howard is an RBI machine, but his average can be an issue.  He did bounce back from hitting .251 in 2008 up to .279 in 2009.  He will probably land some where in the middle, but that’s not why you pick him.  Over the last three seasons he has over 45 HRs and 135 RBIs.  Keep in mind he likes to heat up when the weather does so be patient.


Prince Fielder – 26

Amazing that Prince is only 26, he is quite a fire cracked, but has put up great numbers.  The big questions with Fielder is….has he reached his ceiling?  After a career year last season and just turning 26 can this be a monster year for Prince?  I think you see a slight dip from last season, but he is still first round talent.


Tier 3

Adrian Gonzalez – 28

A fantastic hitter in a pitchers park with no protection.  Adrian’s HR totals have risen every year despite the lack of protection he has.  After starting red hot he did cool down as pitchers forced him to take a walk or expand his strike zone.  He does have a .300 season in him but the rest of his numbers should remain the same.


Joey Votto – 27  (HUGE UPSIDE)

Last season was a rough one for Votto.  Dealing with his father passing away, and a bout of vertigo shortend his season.  When Joey was on the field he produced and if all is back to normal you can expect a huge season from Votto.


Kendry Morales – 27

Busting on the scene, Morales came through like a champ his first season starting. A fantastic switch hitter, Morales was consistent even though his supporting cast was not.  Expect the same if not more this season.


Justin Morneau – 29  (PROCEED WITH CAUTION)

A stress fracture in his lower back ended his season early.  A new “open air” stadium in Minnesota could mean all kinds of issues for hitters, rain delays, double headers, dead ball.  I would proceed with caution.


Tier 4

 Carlos Pena – 32

Chris Davis – 24

Derrek Lee – 35

Adam Laroche – 30


Tier 5

Lance Berkman – 34

James Loney – 26

Billy Butler – 24

Todd Helton – 37

Paul Konerko – 34

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