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The Padres Prepare for 2011 

bud_blackThe Padres need to fill five major holes through Free Agency or through trade. Jed Hoyer’s emphasis will be on starting pitching. He would like to add two starting pitchers, a second baseman, shortstop, and a backup catcher. While I believe the Padres could easily sign a Free Agent short stop, such as Orlando Cabrera and fill second base with a table setter like Orlando Hudson, I believe Hoyer might have a better chance acquiring a young controllable second baseman and short stop through a trade rather than signing another Free Agent, given their financial limitations.

My guess is that Hoyer is looking everywhere for young middle infielders on teams that need a closer (Bell) or young starting pitching. If we acquired a player like Brett Lawrie, (Brewers) we would probably have to sign a one year stop gap Like Orlando Hudson, or trade for a guy like J.J. Hardy, Marco Scutaro, or Jason Bartlett. Here’s some other guys I think the Padres should take a look at: