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Five Ridiculously Optimistic Projections For the Padres 

Chris DenorfiaA few weeks back and in response to comments made by Ron Fowler about a proposed trade that if made would have “knocked the socks off” Padres fans, I wrote a piece listing five potential deals that would certainly live up to Fowler’s words. Of course I was ridiculed on Facebook when the article was linked. Apparently Friarhood bloggers are not meant to have a sense of humor and are not allowed to write satirical and purely facetious articles. To that I say phooey.

Sticking with the concept of five, here is my list of five ridiculously optimistic projections for the Padres this year. Again, allow me to reiterate, I said ridiculous. That means I really don’t expect any of them to actually come true, though I would love it if they did. This article is meant solely for entertainment. If you get a few laughs out of it then I succeeded.

  1. Carlos Quentin will stay healthy, appear in 135 games between playing OF and DH, and will hit 35 HR. Quentin has never played that many games in a single season but this is the year he will and he’ll help Chase Headley anchor the middle of the Padres potent lineup. Yes, I did say potent.
  2. Edinson Volquez will solve the wildness that has plagued him throughout his major league career and turn in the type of effort worthy of yes, Cy Young consideration. When he’s throwing strikes Volquez can be unhittable. For once Volquez will be just that for most of a season.
  3. Yasmani Grandal will return from suspension on a mission and prove that he doesn’t need to take PED’s to perform at a high level. He will see action in 90 of the 112 contests he will be eligible to play and post a .280/.360/.500 triple slash with 16 HR.
  4. Chase Headley had a dream season last year. Will he produce at that level again? I say no, he’ll be even better. The guy you saw crushing the ball the final two months of the season is the guy you will see for most of 2013. He will set a team record for HR by a 3B when he hits 43 HR.
  5. The Padres, who have never had a pitcher hurl a no hitter will finally get one this year. Andrew Cashner will be the guy that gets it done. I see a game in the middle of August against the Mets at Petco as being the game it happens.

Not only will the Padres finally end their no hitter drought but they’ll finally get a player to hit for the cycle. I predict Chris Denorfia to be the guy that does it.

Truthfully the best bet for any of these predictions to actually come true is the cycle. Probably not by Denorfia but the Friars have a few guys that could accomplish this feat. I could see Headley, Venable or Maybin potentially hitting for the cycle. Or how about Everth Cabrera? If he gets an inside-the-park HR or punches one out Cincinnati or something he’s speedy enough to get the other three hits needed.

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