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Five Ridiculously Pessimistic Projections For the Padres 

Adrian Gonzalez - "I bleed Dodger blue"

Adrian Gonzalez – “I bleed Dodger blue”

There is a law in the world of physics that goes something like this: For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. My last post was titled, “Five Ridiculously Optimistic Projections for the Padres.” Well, if I follow the laws of physics I guess I need to post “Five Ridiculously Pessimistic Projections for the Padres. So, here we go.

  1. Coming off a huge offensive campaign, one completely unexpected by the way, Chase Headley will not be able to match or even come close to his 2012 numbers this season. In fact, after a 6 HR, 55 RBI campaign Chase Headley’s representation will approach the Padres about an extension that is more in line with what the Padres may or may not have offered in advance of arbitration this go around. In effect, the down year makes it more likely Headley remains a Padre long term so maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.
  2. Yasmani Grandal will return from his 50-game suspension but his performance will only add to the concern his play last year was boosted by PED’s. In 350 AB’s Grandal will hit just 5 HR and hit .240. Padre fans will cross their fingers hoping his regression was caused more by the added pressure of trying to prove he doesn’t need the PED’s to succeed.
  3. And we thought the pitching staff last year was wrecked with injuries. A season after Tim Stauffer, Dustin Moseley, Joe Wieland, and Andrew Cashner, along with several of the Friars better pitching prospects all missed considerable time due to injury, the injury bug will strike again and no Padre will throw even 160 innings this year. I won’t name names because I don’t want it to appear that I am wishing injury on anyone but let’s say I wouldn’t be surprised if Cashner threw a no-hitter in his first start and then immediately goes on the DL.
  4.  The Padres will have a rough go against the Eviler Empire, their archrivals to the north, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Adrian Gonzalez and Co. will shake hands at the pitcher’s mound 16 times this season at the conclusion of games against our Friars. Not only do we have to watch the Dodgers spend the kind of money Padres fans can only dream their ownership had, but now we have to see the Dodgers kick our asses with it.
  5. Jedd Gyorko is a hitting machine. He hit in college and he’s hit in the minor leagues. Padre brass thinks he will do it in the big leagues too. And he might, just not this year. The Friars will give him his chances but Gyorko will struggle to hit, field and take the job away from Logan Forsythe. In fact I suspect he’ll need to tune up in AAA again at some point because his bat will go south in San Diego.  Hopefully it’s a one year blip on his career radar but be prepared for disappointment if you think Gyorko will rake from day one.

I don’t know; maybe these aren’t as ridiculously pessimistic as I think. I am a Padres fan and have been used to disappointment for the better part of 30 years. Hopefully none of the above proves true but would it really surprise any of us if they did?



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