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Friarhood Events and Promo: Open Thread 

Our 2014 Friarhood event schedule is now available.  We will be updating it over the next few weeks with the unique URLs you need to purchase tickets in the Friarhood section at 40% off face value.  Yes, membership has its privileges!

Padres promos are being released over social media today, we will do our best to update this post as items are announced.

2014 Friarhood Events
Day Date Opponent
SUN 30-Mar Dodgers
SAT 12-Apr Tigers long sleeve shirt
SUN 13-Apr Tigers
FRI 18-Apr Giants
FRI 2-May Dbacks
SAT 3-May DBacks
6-May Royals
SAT 10-May Marlins
20-May Twins
SAT 24-May Cubs Padres Brown Jersey
SAT 7-Jun Nationals Beach Towel
FRI 20-Jun Dodgers
SAT 28-Jun DBacks Padres Fedora
FRI 4-Jul Giants
SAT 19-Jul Mets
30-Jul Cardinals
2-Aug Braves
29-Aug Dodgers
19-Sep Giants
21-Sep Giants

Promo items below

padres fedora padres giveaway shirt padres towel padres brown jersey



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