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Friarhood Hitter of the Month Award: May 

The Month of April Padres award winner is: David Eckstein

David EcksteinLeading the Padres in nicknames, David Eckstein was also leading the team to an amazing month of May.  Whether it’s “Scrappy,” “Midget,” “Mascot,” “X-Factor,” “Eck” – call him what you like – David Eckstein was getting the job done in May.  Hitting .295/.359/.381 leading team in hits with 31 and doubles with nine.  David had hits in 16 of his 25 starts and multiple hits in 12 games during the month, striking out only three times all month. 

Eckstein’s leadership on the field has been amazing too, as he really sets the tone for the team and is an outstanding leader.