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Friarhood Radio 7.15.10 

This week on Friarhood Radio Steve was joined by Allen from to discuss potiential deals the Padres could make in the next two weeks.

Matt Antonelli jumped in (33:25) to talk about rehab, the San Diego Zoo and getting into live games soon.  Check out Matt’s Blog

Steve chimes in about the Padres pitchers meeting expectations (52:55) and why it makes sense to error on the side of caution with Mat Latos (1:00:20)

For those that tuned in live you were able to hear the interview with Mat Latos.  Since the interview ran over I was not able to pull it for the podcast.  Mat was great as he talked about his all star break, a reptile meeting and what happened in Colorado.  Morale of the story?  Tune in to the live show!