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Friarhood Radio Finale, Send Your Questions for Tom Garfinkel 

FHRThis Saturday will mark the end of a very exciting journey.  I have been proud to be the host of Friarhood Radio on XTRA Sports 1360 during the course of this Padres season.  This Saturday will be the final live Friarhood Radio show of the season.  You will still be able to find podcasts throughout the last month of the season and during the off season, but this will be the last live show of the year.

Saturday’s show will be action packed with Padres President/COO Tom Garfinkel leading off, follow by Channel 4’s Jane Mitchell, and I will end on a high note, with my friend and a guy that arguably knows the Padres farm system as well as anyone out there, John Conniff. 

I’d like to give you this opportunity to send over any questions that you would like me to ask to Tom Garfinkel and/or Jane Mitchell.  Please post your questions below and I will do my best to work them in during the interviews. 

Friarhood Radio can be heard locally on XTRA Sports 1360AM, on, or on your smart phone with the iheartradio app.