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Future Star of Today: Matt Antonelli 

This entry is going to be different from my previous ones. From now on, I would like to take time and research some of the great minor league players that the Padres are keeping a sharp eye on. As the preseason and even when regular season rolls on, I am going to dedicate entries to these wonderful players we have in our system.

I learned that Minor League players deserve the same credit as to those playing in the Major Leagues. Minor League players do play their very best in whatever level they play in. I mean, that’s how baseball should work at all times. This fact is for everyone who is playing in Single-A, Double-A, and even Triple-A right now. I believe that Minor League players will be major impacts when they are going to be play in the big spotlight.

Back to my entry. So, contestant number one is Matt Antonelli.

Matt grew up in Peabody, Massachusetts and played baseball, football and even hockey when he was in high school. He played college baseball at Wake Forest University. In 2006, he entered Major League Draft and was selected by the Padres in the 1st round, 17th overall pick. He spent the three seasons working through the minor league system. On September 1st, 2008, he played second base and also made his Major League debut against the Dodgers at Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he spent the 2009 season in the minors.

Currently, he is in Spring Training at Peoria, Arizona with rest of the Padres. I believe Matt can really prove to this team and others that he has the ability to play in the Major League level. I have seen his videos of his hitting workouts from his awesome blog that I read daily now. These videos proved to me that he is willing to play his very best because he is learning and adjusting what needs to be done and shown in the Major League.

Matt plays second base, which means that his “teacher” is David Eckstein. I love how he is learning a thing or two about baseball from Eck. This is a great combo that the Padres have and It’s not just because I am a huge fan of David Eckstein. As Spring Training rolls on, I think these two amazing players will work together to play well for every single game.

Throughout the 2010 regular season, I will keep an eye on him whether he is going to play in the Majors or not. He is an excellent player that the Padres have and it is time for him to prove to this team and the fans that he can be a great impact in the fields. I am definitely looking forward to see his actions throughout Spring Training. One day, he can even start at second base in the Majors and I am looking forward to that as well.

Matt seems like a cool guy outside of the baseball industry. For example, he interacts with his Twitter followers and I love seeing things like that. He even replied me one day! I find that fact so amazing. Overall, Matt is a great guy that a team can have and I really respect and enjoy watching him play baseball. I will be looking forward to see more actions from him in Padres uniform this upcoming season.

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