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Good, Bad, and Ugly 4/17 vs. Rockies 

good bad and ugly
Father time puts the Padres bats to sleep.  Rockies win 5-3
WP: Jaime Moyer (1-2)
LP: Anthony Bass (0-2)
Homeruns – SD: Hundley (1) COL: Fowler (2)

The Good:
Chris Denorfia

  • The Norf! 4-4 all singles, run. Good day for Chris. I’ll forgive those baserunning gaffes…this time.
Mark Kotsay

  •  2-3, walk Welcome back Mark Kotsay. Nice way to remind Jamie Moyer who your “old nemesis” was.
Nick Hundley

  •  1-4 HR Hundle-bomb! Nice to see Nick return to the Nick we knew the last half of last season. It may take a while but progress is progress. Let us hope that this is Nick returning to what we know he can do.
Not Quitting

  • Nice to see the Padres still put up a fight in the top 9th to try to close the gap.
The Bad

Anthony Bass

  • 5.0 IP 4H 3R 3ER 3BB 7K HR – Young Anthony was pitching well until the 3rd and 4th inning when his command started to faulter. Not entirely his fault as the Rockies were able to connect on good pitches but Dexter Fowler showed why Anthony can’t leave mistake pitches. They will find seats. Also, free passes at Coors can spell lots of trouble.
The Ugly

Cameron Maybin

  • 0-4 2K Cameron is hitting a meager .176 right now. Definitely not a number Padres fans wish to see, though it is still early in the season.
  • Team RISP
    0-4. Ouch. Two of those runs driven in and it’s a tie game all things equal.
  • Fielding
    Another tick in the error column and what looked like confusion in the 7th inning to allow Eric Young to reach first base. Padres have to clean up these fielding issues, still.
I know Jamie Moyer pitches for a NL West rival but a congratulations to him on becoming the oldest pitcher to record a pitcher win at 49 years, 150 days. Jamie has certainly provided headlines and stories for baseball fans to enjoy. I applaud his continued desire and endurance to play in the majors for this long.



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