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Hairstons are united with Jerry’s One Year Deal 

On Monday a deal was confirmed that would bring Jerry Hairston Jr. to San Diego to be united with his brother, Scott.  Hairston is fresh off of a World Series Title with the Yankees in 2009, playing a defensive substitute role during the playoffs.

Here is an excerpt from Corey Brock's story:

The Padres have reached an agreement with utility man Jerry Hairston Jr. on a one-year deal worth $2.125 on Monday.

Jerry Hairston, a career .271 hitter in the National League (compared with .253 in the American League), would likely back up Chase Headley at third base, Everth Cabrera at shortstop and second baseman David Eckstein.

Jerry Hairston, who has been in the big leagues since 1998, has never played with his brother. The two were teammates last spring for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

I really do like the move.  Jerry Hairston is a proven defender all around the diamond with the experience to provide quality at-bats.  Another thing that cannot be over looked with this move is the state of mind both Hairstons will be in with the Padres. Jerry hairston, scott hairston, jerry hairston jr.

In 2007 when Scott was traded to the Padres his numbers took off; and now that he is back, Scott has said countless times about how he loves the city and playing for Padres fans.  Happy players produce because they are motivated by their surroundings to succeed.

Although Jerry Hairston will not lead the league in any major category I give GM Jed Hoyer an A+ for this move.  Hairston will play quality defense at about six positions, give quality late game pinch hit at bats, and he and his brother will make less than Kevin Kouzmanoff will after arbitration.  Hoyer has a plan for the Padres organization and it already seems to be taking shape.